IFG and Partners

The Interface Financial Group (IFG) provides financial solution to clients in over 30 industries. With over 150 offices and over 45 years of experience, IFG is ready to meet your short-term financing needs. We service companies in the UK, North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


IFG provides Digital Supply Chain Finance (DSCF) in integration with platforms that manage Buyer/Supplier relationships. We’re a Financial Technology leader with over 46 years of credit expertise. We offer a single solution that integrates seamlessly with the technology you’re already using.

IFG partners with:

  • Purchase2Pay
  • Procure2Pay
  • Source2Pay
  • E-Invoicing
  • Payment Technology
  • Supply Chain Management and other types of platforms who are providing any technology driven services to Buyers and Suppliers

What do we do?


IFG’s Digital Supply Chain Finance is an extension of Dynamic Discounting — early payment for Suppliers, funded by Buyers. IFG’s DSCF works only when a Buyer’s Dynamic Discounting is unavailable, paused, or not offered. IFG never competes with Buyer programs.

Technology we offer:

  • If you don’t have Dynamic DiscountingтАжwe’ll provide our technology for free, along with our Digital Supply Chain Finance technology
  • If you already have Dynamic DiscountingтАжwe’ll integrate via API and offer Digital Supply Chain finance through your existing “Pay Me Early” button

Underwriting and Compliance:

  • Underwriting powered by a proprietary decision engine based on fast data
  • Instant KYC, AML and CTF compliance
  • Fraud and threat prevention
  • Post-confirmation dilution prediction
  • Instant Dynamic credit limit
  • Funding for virtually all suppliersтАжincluding the long tail

Funding we provide:


With over 30 years of proven syndication structuring experience and a global network of institutional investors, IFG provides access to capital via its marketplace lending platform. IFG is fully equipped to fund early payment demand in multiple currencies and in multiple jurisdictions.

Integration and Support:


With a single integration you can have everything you need for a profitable Digital Supply Chain Finance program.

IFG also provides marketing and sale support for launching and extending early payment service to your customers. IFG will never touch your customers but rather act behind the scenes to empower your service.


  • IFG offers a generous and significant revenue sharing program to its partners
  • Buyers’ treasury can increase DPOs and manage its working capital
  • Buyers’ procurement team can increase stability of its critical supply chain
  • Suppliers get a fast and easy button-money solution for affordable early payments