Supply Chain Finance Outlook 2023

Nothing – not supply chain logjams, not higher interest rates, not economic uncertainty — could dampen the continued growth of Supply Chain Finance.

Global volume of Supply Chain Finance reached nearly $2.2 trillion in 2022, up 21% from 2021, according to BCR Publishing’s World Supply Chain Finance Report 2023.

Since 2015, the industry has expanded at a 31% compound annual growth rate.

In this report, we’ll examine the outlook for Supply Chain Finance, the factors that are driving its growth, and innovations that will carry it forward.

Virtual Cards and Early Payment Solutions

PETER JACOBSTEIN, Chief Strategic Partnership Officer, The Interface Financial Group February 10, 2020 Β  Β  B2B Virtual Card (V-Card) payments are attracting a lot of attention right now β€” from incumbent commercial payments providers and from fintech who want to challenge their dominance.Β  Accenture estimates Virtual Card B2B payments were $207 billion in 2019, or […]