To Reclassify Trade Payables or Not?

David Gustin, Managing Editor, Trade Financing Matters, IFG Chief Strategy Officer Β  As more companies adopt early pay programs, including self funded and third party supply chain finance (β€œSCF”) programs, concerns are growing that third-party arrangements could trigger accounting problems. Trade Finance Matters examines the background and where we are today. Β  Background With the […]

Why E-Invoicing Needs Machine Learning to Accelerate Invoice Finance

DAVID GUSTIN, Chief Strategy Officer, The Interface Financial Group December 18, 2018 In the past, most procurement organizations would admit to doing a generally poor job of linking buying processes to the actual receipt of invoices, the invoice approval process and the subsequent payment to suppliers. There have been many reasons for this, not the […]

Accounting ConsiderationsΒ on SCF Transactions

DAVID GUSTIN, Chief Strategy Officer, The Interface Financial Group Β  Whichever way you look at it and define it, supply chain finance has grown into a big number. And if you define it as using the balance sheet of a large company to offer early payment to some or all of its suppliers, it is […]

3 Essential Factors to Facilitating Supply Chain Finance Adoption With Suppliers

NICK HEINZMANN, SpendMatters – June 18, 2018 Β  As general awareness about dynamic discounting and supply chain finance grows among practitioners, procurement groups are increasingly pushing their technology providers to offer early payment capabilities. These organizations are primarily seeking to strengthen their supply base, relieving the DPO stretch that has plagued small suppliers as of […]

Predicting Dilution – The Key for Invoice Finance Solutions

Sabeen Ahmed, COO and Chief Credit Officer, The Interface Finance Group  There are few truisms left anymore especially in this era where trust is at a premium and everything appears to be a product of fake or fiat news. But in terms of the risk, funding receivables based on seller’s data or funding receivables based […]

The Blurring of Supply Chain Finance Definitions

DAVID GUSTIN, Chief Strategy Officer, The Interface Financial GroupNovember 20, 2018, Source: Spend Matters I often get this question about how factoring and supply chain finance differs from traditional invoice finance. And the real answer is it\’s very murky. There is certainly a blurring between invoice finance, invoice discounting, factoring, supply chain finance, and asset-based […]